How Do I Book?

Just head over to our booking page and choose which date/time slot you would like to play!

Can We Just Turn Up And Pay On The Door?

On occasion, we might be able to squeeze you in if you just turn up, but chances are you’ll need to sit and wait for a free space! We suggest you book in online to make sure you’ve got your axe throwing experience in the bag!

Can I Spectate If I Don’t Want To Play?

Spectators are more than welcome (free of charge). We can’t promise you won’t experience the very real phenomenon of axe envy though.
Please note that we can only allow over 18’s into the venue, even if they’re just spectating.

How Long Is A Session And What Do We Get?

Our sessions are run on 4 lanes, with 8 players per lane, 1 instructor per lane and lasts approx. 1 hours.
During this time we:
1. Give you a safety briefing. If it’s a mixed group we get everyone introduced and into a sociable yet competitive mood
2. We will show you how to throw an axe like a boss, first as a group and then brief individual coaching to hone your technique.
3. Once you’re happily smashing up targets we’ll get you straight into a tournament.
4. We crown the tournament winner and celebrate.
5. At the end of the session we’ll take some photos for you to remember your amazing time with us.

Is this a private activity?

No, this is a shared activity that can hold up to 32 players at the one time across our 4 lanes. We cater for 8 players per lane so please be aware that you may be sharing your lane with other players depending on how many people are booked into the particular time slot that you choose
larger groups Pop over to our large groups page for more info

Is There Parking At The Venue?

Unfortunately we do not have our own parking facilities, however there is on-street paid parking right outside our door.
In Dundee its free 🙂

Is It Good For Stag/Hen Do’s?

Of Course it is! What more could you want from your last night of freedom than getting to toss axes about?

Can We Show Up In Fancy Dress?

100% Yes! Nothing makes our day better than when we get a stag dressed as Tinkerbell. Please bear in mind however that there may be other customers in the venue at the same time, so if your costume causes offense in any way you will be asked to remove it. Keep it clean folks!

Can I Buy Food & Drink At The Venue?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently sell food or drink at our venue, with the exception of a vending machine containing juice/water/snacks Feel free to ask any of our staff members for a recommendation on somewhere nearby to eat if you’re feeling peckish

Can I Cancel/Change My Booking?

We do not allow cancellations and we do not issue refunds. However we are happy to rearrange your event to any date or time. As long as you give us more than 24 hours notice. No changes can be made within 24 hours of your booking.

Can I Pay A Deposit, Or Reserve Now And Pay On The Day?

We don’t hold tickets or reserve spaces, so it’s full payment up front when booking online


Is It Safe?

Our axes are thrown down empty, enclosed lanes under the watchful eye of an instructor. As long as you follow the rules and listen to your instructor at all times then it is perfectly safe

Is There An Age Restriction?

Yes, our axe hurling activities are for strictly over 12’s only, that includes spectators.

Are We Allowed To Drink Alcohol?

We do allow a few beers. but we really do mean a few. The staff have final call and may ask you to sit out if you go to far. Please be respectful.

What Should I Wear?

We feel like this shouldn’t have to be said but… Strictly no open-toed shoes. Toes and axes aint a good mix guys. Probs best to avoid heels too. Just stick with flat shoes and you’ll be fine
Stay comfy. Wear whatever you like, preferably something that won’t restrict your arm movement. We won’t give you pity points for ill thought out clothing mishaps. We might give you points for fancy dress though…

Can I Bring My Own Axe?

Our axes are tested and sharpened daily to make sure they are up to regulation (For axe regulations see Hamish’s Highlander Handbook Pt.2). We’re not saying your axe is rubbish but… Probs best to leave it at home for the time being