16 Players – £300 – 2 Private Lanes
24 Players – £400 – 3 Private Lanes
32 Players – £500 – 4 Private Lanes
40 Players – £600 – Whole Venue

With each deal you will get whichever amount of private lanes stated above along with a dedicated instructor for each lane.
If you are booking for a work night out, a birthday, a family reunion etc we are happy for you to bring along a drink. If you are bringing alcohol along, please know that we will not allow spirits of any kind, stick to beers/ciders/wine and you’ll be fine!
Although this is not an invitation to get smashed… if anyone appears to be getting too drunk or is unable to follow instructions properly they will be asked to sit out and will not be allowed to throw
Just be sensible and keep the hard stuff for the pub afterwards!

If you are looking to book for 40 players then please call us on 07421995910